Gogo boats

Not your average rental boat, the GOGO boat has been designed with one purpose in mind – relaxation on the water in the company of friends or family. 

This electric boat is intended for use on lakes and inland waterways and has sufficient battery capacity for a full day’s run time without recharging. The unique inward-facing seating layout enables friends or family to relax whilst still talking and socialising with each other. 

Available in 4 or 6 person format, GOGO boats are easy to steer whilst the polyethylene hull is tough, durable and thanks to its trimaran form, extremely stable. 

A wide range of panel colours and sticker options enables clients to match the boats to their colour scheme whilst optional extras such as swimming platforms and USB ports enable your clients to spend a whole day on board, increasing their fun and your revenues. Click HERE for case studies 

GOGO boats can be bought or rented from Longfish Leisure. Please contact us at info@longfishleisure.com I +31611058466 to find out more. 


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