Miniportworld provides mini boats for mini captains. Kids aged 3 to 10 get to drive their own electric boat with parents/adults as the crew. All boats are either scale versions of real-life ships or a custom design to suit your corporate image or characters. 

Our electric boats may be small but they are incredibly tough and designed for years of work in a commercial environment. With features such as automatic rain-water pumps, all-day run times on a single charge and easy access to mechanical parts, Longfish Leisure provides a product that will be loved by both your customers and operations teams alike. 

Longfish Leisure is also able to supply floating pontoons, water features, educational material and branding to create a unique, themed miniport for your customers. Click here for case studies 

Miniboats can be purchased or alternatively, ask us about our rental or revenue share options enabling you to keep your investment costs and risks to a minimum.  

Please contact us at I +31611058466 to find out more


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