We are delighted to add 4 new Dormio Summio parks to our list of new clients for 2024

Cars have been delivered to Dormio Nieuwvliet-bad, Dormio Maastricht, Summio Heihaas en Summio Aqua Delta, this week with the final locations in Germany and the Netherlands following shortly. The welcome we received from the on-site Dormio teams was really positive so we look forward to working with them over the coming years and making this a start activity within the new locations.

3D Wave boats coming soon:

Our unique 3D printed environmentally friendly boats will be hitting the water soon. Working with our partner Impacd boats, these boats use plastic waste as a raw material and are embody the principle of the circular economy meaning at the end of their useable life the boats can simply be recycled back into other products. We will be supplying a fleet of these boats to selected clients in the Netherlands, France and Germany before the start of...

Binnenmaas takes their Minisafari to the next level:

After a successful first year, Binnenmaas in The Netherlands has created an exciting new track taking their Minisafari to the next level. Working with advice provided by the design team at Longfish Leisure, the new track will improve the customer experience, reduce collisions and increase throughput – wins all round!

Military Museum Soesterberg open for season 2024:

The National Military Museum has re-opened for the summer season 2024 and as in previous years are operating our Minisafaicars and Booming Bob tanks for kids and adults. These activities are hugely popular so make sure you are there latest 15.30 to avoid disappointment as the activities close at 16h sharp...Sir Yes Sir!

From Paris to Texas

Following the success of the Rugby World Cup driving activities in Paris, the replica DEFENDERS are now being re-styled and sent to Land Rover Experience Centers around the world. These 3 left for Texas this week where we hope they will bring smiles to many kids and sales of full-sized vehicles to Jaguar Land Rover US.

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